This past week marked not only my first week interning at pymetrics, but my first week ever of real job experience – babysitting aside.  So this past week has definitely been an exciting adventure into uncharted territory.  For starters, I’ve mastered the NYC subway – which is a big feat for me, considering I often find myself on trains heading the opposite direction of my destination.  I’ve also learned many things about start-ups and teamwork in my first week, and here are a few I wanted to share:

1. Wiggle Room

To a certain extent, I have an agenda and certain tasks to complete; but on the other hand, there is a certain amount of wiggle room in my role here.  As a small company, pymetrics relies on the creativity and open opinions of all of its employees, including the interns.  For example, one of my current projects is developing an Instagram profile for pymetrics – because I suggested that Instagram would be a great way for pymetrics to spread their name to a younger generation.  Our Instagram page currently features behind the scenes pictures of the office, pymetrics advertising, and cool pictures of the City.  Creating the page has also allowed me to incorporate another passion of mine - photography - into my internship.

2. Exploring New Fields

My internship falls under the Marketing branch, but my intended major is Science and Management with a stress in Biotechnology.  pymetrics is not a biology-based company, nor does my position as an intern involve management skills.  Nevertheless, this is an awesome opportunity for me; having the option to intern in different fields gives me more insight on the types of careers I want to pursue post-college.

3. Functions

Because pymetrics is a small company, our office consists of one glass room, with desks pushed together in three clusters, two small couches, and one giant TV screen – for our infamous office movie nights.  We aren’t confined to our office space (there’s a large kitchen/living area, conference rooms, phone booths, etc.), but we generally find ourselves working together in our cozy quarters.  With all our team-members located in a small space together, I’ve been able to see how all the components of a small company, like pymetrics, come together to function as a whole unit.  I work primarily with Alena and Farai in marketing, but we also have a business development, engineering, and management team.  Even though each team has very different roles here, being in a small location means we are in constant conversation.

4. Teamwork

As I mentioned, pymetrics is a small company, which allows each of its teams to be highly integrated.  The other day Cristina, another marketing intern, was creating an image for a flyer.  It came down to two designs, and the company was split as to which was the best.  Ultimately, we all ended up crowding over her computer, and debating why one image was greater than the other.  Everyone had something to say, and everyone was heard.

5. Family

In our introduction meeting on Monday, Jessica, head of Business Development, started off by saying that pymetrics is a family – a warm, happy, crazy, loving family.  After just a week here, I can confirm her description was accurate.  Whereas there is a degree of respect required here, as any business, there is also an ease about the atmosphere.  There is room to joke with a superior, make Mean Girl references that everyone joins in on, and throw gummy bears across the room into gaping mouths.

Before coming to intern here at pymetrics, I had created my own pymetrics account, and played their neuroscience-based games to find what pymetrics thought my top traits are.  My results somewhat surprised me.  For top traits I got: processing consistency, attention duration, and high-risk taking.  Sure, I’m a pretty consistent person – both in my social and work life; and I know have good attention duration – my 4-hour long class last semester proved that.  High-risk taking, though, that didn’t sound like me…  I think of myself as more of a reserved person, making well-calculated decisions.  But considering this more carefully, I am also a very passionate, artistic, and creative person, and this may rule the risk-taking part of my brain.  Marketing and small companies in general, I believe, call for a good deal of creativity.  In my first week interning at pymetrics, I definitely found that my creative side came out much more often then my calculated side – in developing new designs, brainstorming ways to improve the current marketing features, and proposing new ideas to spread pymetrics’ name.  Seeing pymetrics results work for myself in a real work situation has truly convinced me in its value, and so I’m incredibly grateful and excited to be part of the team.