Success Academy

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Success Academy of New York!

Why Success Academy is awesome

Success Academy is redefining what's possible in public education. Their charter schools rank in the top 1% in math and top 3% in English among all New York State schools, while serving children with an overall poverty rate of 77%.

They also act as a catalyst and model for education reform nationwide so that all kids can have access to high-quality schools.

What does this mean for pymetrics student users?

Users now have the opportunity to match Success Academy’s Associate Teacher positions: full-time teaching opportunities for individuals passionate about making an impact on public education - providing them world-class training to become Lead Teachers at Success Academy Charter Schools.

Why does Success Academy + pymetrics = awesomeness?

As Rosa Gandler, a Talent Recruiter at Success Academy puts it, “We are excited to leverage an innovative platform to connect with candidates who might not have originally considered education as a career. We think this will be an opportunity to find individuals who have the ideal skills to make an impact on public education!”

Why is their addition to the pymetrics platform so great?

  1. It’s an honor to support an organization with a social mission to make a great education accessible to all. As pymetrics’ mission is to make job opportunities equally accessible, this is right up our alley!
  2. Many of our users have provided feedback that they’d like to see opportunities in education, and we’re thrilled that we can now offer that!
Interested in seeing if you match some of our new opportunities? Check us out at!