In the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, let’s talk about luck. Specifically, let’s talk about how you can increase the odds of becoming a lucky person. Serendipity has long been the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for everyone. There are the lucky few that seem to attract good fortune all the time through a combination of unlikely coincidences and chance encounters. But how can you increase the likelihood that good luck finds you?

  1. Increase your network.
Get out there a meet people! Be a connector. The more points of contact you have, the more opportunities you will be exposed to. Keep in touch and be forthcoming with what you're up to. People love being able to help! But realize that networks must work both ways. Stay in tune with what everyone else is doing as well, and keep others in mind when relevant opportunities pop up. Karma is totally a thing.
  1. Be open-minded and adventurous.
Try new things. Say yes to the random things that come your way. Or, even better, break out of your ordinary day, and seek out something unusual every so often. Your comfort zone is nice, sure. But why make opportunity work so hard to find you? New experiences shape your life in ways that routine can’t even compete with. You determine the path that your life takes. But no one says you have to stay on the road. Countless opportunities exist in the world, and only by exploration can you uncover them. As they say: Fortune favors the bold.
  1. Be humble.
Let’s be clear. You are awesome and amazing in every way. But guess what? So is everyone else. Every person you meet has a story to tell, and a perspective that differs from yours. If you never give anyone or anything a chance to teach you something, you risk missing out big time. Approach everything as a learning opportunity, and who knows what will come your way?

Granted, luck is by definition random and uncontrollable. But by opening yourself up to new experiences and connections, you can increase your chances of being one of the lucky ones.

So good luck today, and every day!