Last week, we got all Hollywood here at pymetrics.

5-21-15 Frida CNBC taping

CNBC was kind enough to do a segment on pymetrics, and we are thrilled! Our co-founder and CEO, Frida Polli, went on camera to talk about the biases inherent in recruiting, and how pymetrics is working to match candidates with compatible positions based only on cognitive and emotional traits. Playing games to get hired? Yes, please.

5-21-15 CNBC taping

We also got to hang out with Meryl Gibbs, a beloved former pymetrics intern that received her summer internship in equity research through pymetrics. Topics of discussion included modern art, Texas, and slow lorises. (Look them up, they are adorable.)

Many thanks to our friends at Work-Bench for the beautiful space! Work-Bench is also home to our favorite super-fan, Laurel.

Laurel reppin pymetrics