[caption id="attachment_1407" align="alignnone" width="690"]pymetrics donning brand new Microsoft Accelerator jackets Lauren Cohen, VP Business Development (left), CEO / Co-Founder, Frida Polli (center), CSO / CO-Founder, Julie Yoo (right)[/caption]


Pymetrics is thrilled to announce that we have just been accepted into the 4th iteration of the Microsoft Data Science and Machine Learning accelerator! Microsoft’s accelerator helps science-based startups scale their businesses and data science operations by bringing in experts from their Azure Machine Learning Team and the Microsoft Sales Team. These teams provide mentorship, access to new technology initiatives, and customer introductions for startups in the accelerator.

Data science is at the core of pymetrics and we’ll be making plenty of use out of the new Azure resources by moving a portion of our data processing to Azure servers. While we’re only a team of 21, we’ll have the sales force of Microsoft behind us, providing access to enterprise customers that might have otherwise been out of reach.

We’re excited to continue to build our product and team with Microsoft as a partner!