pymetrics was 1 of 5 companies chosen to participate in WeWork's Pitch Night last night, and much fun was had by all. Each company had 4 minutes to strut their stuff, and the presenters did not disappoint.

The lineup was fierce:, AskNe1, Sticky and Emiisor rounded out our competition. After each presentation, the floor was opened up to questions. Beer and wine helped fuel audience engagement, and the questions came from all directions. The night ended with piles of tacos, a bunch of pizza, and audience voting. Sticky emerged victorious, and well-deserved. Aside from being an awesome product, they also had the best swag: a mini pad of STICKY NOTES. Get it??

5-12-15 Wework Pitch Night 2

Alena looking like she's awkwardly singing karaokephoto credit: @NadjaB

5-12-15 Wework Pitch Night

photo credit: @WeWork

Many thanks to WeWork and WeWork Labs for the opportunity!