At work every day, the elevator doors open onto a two-floor, black-and-white colored incubator called Work-Bench in downtown Manhattan. To get to my desk, I pass the giant glass wall that separates the conference rooms from the central workspace room flooded with natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Often the pymetrics office is stocked with croissants or homemade baked goods “because the interns finished their first week!” or “because Breads Bakery is only a block away!” (Did I mention one of the pymetrics employees has made a wedding cake? Twice. Talk about employee benefits). Just a few days ago there was a gigantic Momofuku cake to celebrate June birthdays, and a few days before that there were endless trays of muffins and bagels…there are a lot of calories to be consumed here at Work-Bench. Whether it’s beer-bucket night, a group venture into Chinatown for a dumpling tour (yes, someone in Work-Bench is written up for his renowned tours), or bi-sometimes-tri-weekly bouldering excursions, we care very much about balancing our industrious work-life with fun. This is the culture of our company.

Why? Because Work-Bench becomes a place where everyone focuses on what they love in the company of people they enjoy spending time with. Here at Work-Bench, we all share our appreciation for this type of work culture, and research shows that when employees feel a strong fit with their organization, they have greater job satisfaction, job performance, and commitment to their company (Kristof-Brown, 2005).

Curious what type of work culture would fit you best? Recent studies assessing individual-level characteristics have been most promising to determine whether someone would work well within the group and culture of a company. Check out the pymetrics website to create your personalized social, emotional, and cognitive profile!

Caroline, Intern (Summer 2014)