Howdy everyone!

We have an exciting announcement this week: we have integrated with Greenhouse, a recruiting SaaS platform that works with companies like Vimeo, AirBnB and Pinterest!

Hooray! We've compiled a celebratory list of questions around the Greenhouse integration that you might be asking yourself, and have kindly provided the answers below.

What on earth is SaaS? SaaS is the abbreviation for Software as a Service. It's fun to say, and very useful. SaaS companies sell software solutions (e.g. recruiting software) as opposed to physical goods (e.g. llamas).

What is, and what do they do? Greenhouse provides recruiting software to companies to help with every stage of recruiting, from role definition (who are you looking for?) to candidate sourcing (here are some awesome people for you!) to building a great recruiting brand (and now, everyone wants to work for you.).

What does this mean for companies? We are now a sourcing tool that's available to Greenhouse partner companies. Companies are able to use pymetrics to source best-fit candidates, and seamlessly manage the entire recruiting process as part of their Greenhouse experience.

What does this mean for pymetrics users? More exposure! As a Greenhouse partner, we are able to get in front of more companies with our mission of bias-free recruiting and objective candidate assessment. More partner companies means more career and company matching opportunities!

For more information about the pymetrics Greenhouse integration, check out the Greenhouse blog.