Traditionally, job hopping has been associated with unreliable and undesirable employees. The fear is that candidates with several 1-2 year jobs on their resume may have issues with engagement, difficulties getting along with coworkers or skills deficiencies. However, in today’s world, these scenarios are not necessarily true. Employees today seek job fulfillment and skill development more aggressively, and job hopping offers a chance to find a culture and career that provides those things. Job stability and longevity are no longer goals that employees strive for – nor should they. Simply staying in a job in order to appear committed and dedicated isn’t a great professional plan of action. Job hopping offers several advantages, so be brave instead, and always keep your interests and passions top of mind.

Personal Development Opportunities

You should always strive to learn the most you can out of any position you hold. If you feel that you’ve reached a point where you’ve mastered the skills and taken advantage of all the opportunities your current position offers, it might be time to look around. Working at a variety of companies and positions will enable you to develop a wide range of skills, as well as hone the ones you possess. Job hopping also helps to cultivating a strong professional foundation. Soft skills such as networking, communication and time management are all skills that are highly sought after and require a variety of different environments to develop.

Compatible Company Values and Culture

Many people underestimate the impact that a workplace culture can have on employees. Job function and responsibilities are not the only pieces of job fulfillment. Working for a company that shares your values and provides a compatible workplace environment for you is highly motivating and affirming. Enjoying the company you work for can get you through times when work seems otherwise overwhelming and stressful.

While things like corporate culture may seem fuzzy and undefined, very tangible benefits result from a carefully crafted set of corporate values and priorities. Employees that truly believe in their companies are happier and more productive. These factors directly impact the bottom line, so many companies are dedicating resources to ensure a healthy culture among employees. Being open to job hopping can help you get out of toxic work environments that impact the quality of your life.

Career Advancement

Many times, promotion within companies can be slowed by internal politics and pre-determined career advancement tracks. Job hopping can help you advance more quickly, if you are strategic about choosing the next move to maximize your position. Be ambitious, and use job hopping to your advantage.

Finally, have fun and don’t let fear keep you from exploring all the potential opportunities out there for you! Job hopping offers many opportunities to further your career productively. Let your desire to learn and contribute guide your career movement and your story will be compelling to any recruiter looking to hire!