Hello everyone!

pymetrics is excited to reveal one of our newest partners: Rent the Runway! Rent the Runway is an online service that provides designer dress and accessory rentals for any occasion. Don’t have anything to wear? No longer a problem.

Rent the Runway is looking to fill a few positions on their amazing team, and they are using pymetrics to find the best fit candidates!

pymetrics uses a series of neuroscience games to assess your cognitive and emotional traits. We then use this trait profile to recommend compatible careers and industries that match up to your strengths. Our algorithms and career models are built from real people within those industries, and are free of any bias!

So come play our games for a chance to get matched to Rent the Runway, as well as many of our other partner companies looking to hire compatible candidates. You’ll learn more about yourself, and discover some amazing career paths in the process.

Have fun and good luck! www.pymetrics.com