So you’ve gone through the soul-searching, the research, the coffee chats and aced all your interviews. You’ve finally done it: the struggle to find the right career is behind you! Take a moment to bask in the sense of accomplishment that you deserve. The journey to find the right career is a tough one, but worth the effort. So you’re home free now, right?

Believe it or not, the stress doesn’t end there.

Here’s the bottom line: once you find the right career for you, don’t let preconceived perceptions deter you from maximizing your potential in the path you’ve chosen. A lot of research has been done around unconscious bias, and how small comments and actions can have huge (generally unintended) consequences. Jennifer Drake, an assistant professor of engineering, details how encountering such bias actually has a physiological impact on the body, and kicks your brain into fight-or-flight mode. The takeaway is clear: a sense of belonging is important to derive fulfillment from your work.

Additionally, and perhaps even more importantly, be aware of your own biases. As Frida Polli, co-founder and CEO of pymetrics, observes in her latest Forbes post:

“So much of what we think of ourselves is based on parental and societal expectations and vantage points. Gender, race and socioeconomic background all bias our self-perception. It is an echo chamber from which we have a hard time escaping.”

How can one counter such ingrained and nearly invisible biases that guide our very human and subjective brains? By using data.

Data are the antidote for bias in the workplace, and take the power away from subjective judgements that might otherwise prevail. Relying on data to support your decisions confers a confidence that cannot be refuted. Is this room larger than that room? Which weighs more, this rock or that chicken? Opinions can be expressed, but must ultimately give way to objective measurements.

This is why pymetrics is so powerful. pymetrics arms people with the data and confidence needed to justify their career decisions in a way that’s never been done before. You do not need to rely on the validation of others to know you belong in the field that you’ve chosen.

They say that knowledge is power - and now, we have the data to prove it. So, go and find the right career for you, and know that with data on your side, no one can cast unwanted uncertainty on your decision.