Happy Friday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite career search and recruiting information from around the web. We take pleasure in sharing all of the great content we come across so enjoy and feel free to spread the love.

Here are our picks.

Buzzfeed issues a new hiring guide focused on diversity We love what Buzzfeed is doing to correct the diversity gap in its recruitment process. The tech industry suffers more than most on this front, which makes the news media company’s new policy all the more admirable. Awesome and incredibly inspiring.

Mom spins her 4-year-old's harshest burns into hilarious marketing gold Johanna Stein is a little bit of marketing genius. To promote her new parenting book, the comedian/author recently released a clip of her daughter’s unfiltered thoughts as Stein reenacts her morning routine. Hilarious. And slightly adorable.

Let's Fix It: Blame Unemployment on the Color Blue Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People at Google provides great insight as to why he feels that unemployment stems from information asymmetry. The issue, which Bock refers to as the Color Blue Problem, lies in that job seekers and companies struggle to precisely convey who they are and what they want. His solution: use large sets of data and predictors of success to match people to jobs.

Silicon Alley Powering New York City Job Market We are so humbled to have been mentioned in Dice this week as one of several NYC startups that are reshaping the job city’s job market. Exciting times.

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