On the first Friday of October, we bring you our favorite links of the week. We hope you start the weekend inspired and ready for the month ahead!

In case you missed it, the New York Times released a summary Vettery’s 2014 report of roughly 100,000 financial workers. The big takeaway: Wall Street is still suffering from a major gender diversity problem. Read more. 

We loved reading about how Massachusetts neuroscience company, NeuroScouting, is working to improve baseball hitters’ ability to recognize and hit pitch types. Read more.

According to a White House report, big data has a real potential for bettering society by catering to the interests of minorities and fighting inequality. For instance, data can be used to improve diversity recruiting in the workplace. Read more.

Peak, one of the more than 1,500 brain training apps listed in the App Store, is setting itself apart by using data to reveal how we use our brains in our work lives. Read more. 

Are women in mathematics and science careers being discriminated against? A long read but absolutely worthwhile. Read more.