Apparently, not millennial women.

Ugh. That is a bummer, isn't it? But according to this Fortune article, of the people who indicated that they aspire to a C-level position at their company, only 36% were female. Millennials were similarly disinterested.

What’s going on? The main reason cited by the article is the lack of role models.

Caroline Ghosn, founder of Levo League, is quote as saying, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” Meaning, if women don’t see female CEOs, then they assume those positions are just not for them.

But is that really true? If that’s the case, who was Ada Lovelace seeing? Eleanor Roosevelt? Steve JobsIndra Nooyi? They certainly did not let the lack of examples hold them back from being awesome. Our society is built on pioneers! How can we start seeing the lack of predecessors as a worthy challenge, rather than an excuse not to pursue?