There are countless accounts of how working for startups is a dream come true. Startups move quickly! You learn through experience! You get a ton of responsibility! You’re close to the action, and it’s all about the hustle. It all sounds so exciting, and indeed, the rewards are high for those who succeed.

But there are things that the corporate world can give you that you just won’t get in the magical land of startups. Check out one very strong opinion here. Granted, rolling into work in a hoodie and gym shorts has its appeal, but there are advantages to learning how to look sharp in a professional setting. Large corporations can polish up your working style, and give you a solid foundation that startups just don’t have the resources for. Training programs and professional development opportunities abound at larger companies, so that employees can constantly improve their skills. Though trial by fire at startups can be effective, there’s something to be said about guided learning in an established environment. We aren’t all Good Will Hunting, after all.

So, what do you think? Do you thrive on getting in on the ground floor of a startup? Or are you happy working in a larger company?