Working at pymetrics definitely has its perks.  During the last week of August, our team took a retreat to focus on educating, exploring, and eating.  Set in the backdrop of Lake Como, Italy, each team member prepared a 30 minute talk to educate the rest of the team on key accomplishments and projects. The subjects ranged everywhere from "How to translate our games into 15 languages while only speaking 1" to "Title 7 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission." It was a fantastic opportunity to help reveal the pieces of the puzzle that all make up our company and our mission.

Our trip also helped bring us closer as a team.  We opted out of the trust falls and group dynamics tests and instead we spent our off hours preparing meals, playing games, and taking the occasional boat ride. These experience fostered spontaneous conversation about  the work we do and we found ourselves coming up with numerous different product and marketing ideas to help push forward into Q4.

Check out the slideshow below or gallery here for a glimpse of our week and if you are interested in joining our awesome team you can see our open positions here.


pymetrics Lake Como Retreat