Predictive hiring based in neuroscience + big data.

100% bias free.

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Recruit top-notch candidates that fit the cognitive and emotional profile of your successful employees

Benefits of pymetrics

Improve efficiency and retention

Improve recruiting efficiency and candidate pass-through rates by 5-10x, and decrease attrition by 20-50% over resume-review based processes. That’s because resumes have poor predictive power.

Increase diversity

pymetrics is the anti-bias algorithm. All our algorithms have complete gender and ethnic balance in recommended candidates. We use unbiased trait inputs instead of using any resume data (which is very frequently biased).

Expand reach

Great talent is everywhere but recruiting staff cannot be. Avoid the dreaded resume drop black hole and let the pymetrics search engine find you the best candidates anywhere.

    What experts are saying about pymetrics

    Jeremy Shapiro
    HR Executive, co-author “Competing on Talent Analytics”
    Harvard Business Review
    To me, pymetrics is one of the companies defining a new era in HR technology. It’s an impressive implementation of both neuroscience principles and big data methods to create value in recruiting. This is hard stuff, and you make it look easy. Very exciting!
    Jonathan Jones
    Head of Investment Talent Development
    Point72 Asset Management
    It seems to me that a paradigm shift is long overdue, and that it's time for the traditional resume to go the way of photographic film and high-priced CDs

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